Mineral Pools

Natural or mineral pools are trending for a reason!

Mineral Pools come with many health and eco-friendly benefits. Mineral Pools have natural purification qualities without the need for harsh and expensive chemicals found in salt and chlorine pools. In most swimming pools, chlorine is the dominant chemical used to treat water. Natural mineral swimming pools differ in that the agent added to the water is magnesium, which treats and cleans while providing additional health benefits.

We specialise in mineral pools where the water is luxuriously softer. It uses magnesium, potassium and borates to moisturize and relax muscles. Magnesium rich minerals are associated with reducing muscle aches and improved heart health. Natural mineral pools require less maintenance than traditional pools and provide a gentle option for those with sensitive skin as there are no toxic chemicals. From the very first time you jump into a mineral pool, you will notice the difference.  There is no taste or sticky residue providing a gentle option for those with sensitive eyes.

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